It’s not odd for you to feel hungry after your workouts. It’s because you sap your body’s fuel during exercise, which makes your body need replenishment afterwards, resulting in you feeling hungry.

This is where the problem comes in. You might feel so hungry that you’d eat or consume more calories than you burnt, rendering your work out futile. Here’s how to deal with post- workout hunger:

1. Drink more water: Research has shown that people who drink at least 7 cups of water daily have less appetite for food. To beat this tempting hunger, drink more water after your workout. You’ll feel less hungry.

2. Relax Your body: After exercise, you’ll feel drained. But if you relax your body, you’ll calm your nerves and lessen the hunger. When your body gets rest, your appetite for food will be reduced.

3. Eat wisely: If after all, you find it difficult to suppress your hunger, eat wisely. Don’t go from running 30 mins nonstop to eating anything. You’ll just be mocking yourself.